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Guide On The Magic Box (Item Recycle)

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In Chrono Tales v2.0 A new system is released and it's on the magic box, this system is called the ITEM RECYCLE. This time your waste items will not be wastes anymore because it is now important in doing ITEM RECYCLING. Instead of dropping these items you will use it in the ITEM RECYCLE SYSTEM to form new items or nothing if the recycling FAILS. If the items you want to recycle has a high value then you will have a high chance that the item will be better examples of these are gold bricks and fruit pies. Soul Stones which you get from killing any monsters will also give you a chance to get a better items but take note that soul stones are not stackable which means you don't need to put many stones in the blank boxes but rather you only need one for each attempt on recycling.

First Step: Put your the items you want to recycle in the blank boxes. Put only one soul stone.

Second Step: Click the button that says "Item Recycling"

Then after that a new item will be formed
A guide for just RECYCLING. It says ULTIMATE GUIDE not RECYCLING GUIDE. Another player just after rewards
Maybe I'm wrong, but I dont think "ultimate guide" means that it has to be about everything. I think its ok for it to be able just one feature of the game, as long as that feature is new since the 2.0 update
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