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Class Name: Vampire

Class Intro:

Vampires from Netherwind Fort are proficient in controlling their strength and casting spells, and are competent for different situations thanks to their strong healing ability and various single enhancements. Just because of their excellent assisting ability and massive damage, they play an indispensable role in a group.

Available Armor/Weapon:

Common Equipment: Equipment for assassins and mages
Weapon: Claws

Special Skill:

Counter Hit

Vampires have a chance to deal damage to the opponent when being attacked.

Promoted Class:

Count of Night, Undead Warlock

Class Skill: Vampire

Class Background:

In 664 (StilLand Calendar), the war with Comte de Kermit had ended 5 years ago. Glancer Kingdom had already stopped searching Netherwind Fort for survivals, but focused on the remote Orcter Battlefiled. When their fight against Chaotic Orcs was heating up, an emergent report from Thunderclap Keep drew all attention back to Netherwind Fort.

The report was written by Brigadier General Philo, the commander of Thunderclap Keep, saying sentinels discovered Netherwind Fort seemingly returned to life and various man-made indications were left around the fort, for example, the special-laid dais, scratched tree trunks, blood-drained beast corpses. All of those could be seen as an omen of the revival of the dead. This report did give Alliance Council a sick headache and the faraway Orcter also engulfed the alliance forces without stop. As desperate Phio Alliance threw all its forces into the Orcter Battlefield, if Comte de Kermit came to life again at that time, the kingdom would be easily torn into pieces with very weak defense. Rumors about Netherwind Fort were flying everywhere for a moment, which made all citizens uneasy. When people felt completely out of their depth, friendly golden dragons gave a helping hand. After discussion, Guide Delasus was willing to go deep into Netherwind Fort and investigate the whole thing.

Half a month passed, the long-awaited golden envoy Delasus came back to Thunderclap Keep and met Phio Alliance together with a mysterious person wearing a black coat. However, anxious people didn’t pay attention to the black man. According to Guide Delasus’ investigation, Comte de Kermit was thoroughly destroyed in the war 5 years ago, having no chance to revive. However, the undead forces under the control of him scattered about Netherwind Fort. Even holy golden dragons couldn’t drive them away.

More frighteningly, a race with extraordinary power rose silently within the five passed years. In the dark and decadent area, soldiers under the command of Comte finally shook off control and regained freedom, but they were changed completely by the power of the dead. They had sharp teeth and claws, deathly pale skin, leather-like body, an uncontrollable desire for blood and inner restless destructive power. Since they lost the protection of Comte, they lost the ability to resist Holy Light, as well. At first, most of reviving soldiers couldn’t endure the primitive desire from the bottom of their hearts, so they degenerated into masters of night just in order to evade light. Fortunately, a few of them stayed reasonable and gradually learnt how to control their desire and accept sunshine. Nevertheless, they still needed to suck blood to maintain life, so they formed a special group and called themselves vampires. Under the lead of their first sheikh, they staved off the threat from both degenerate fellows and Thunderclap Keep until they were discovered by Delasus.

It turned out that the black man accompanying Delasus was just the sheikh of the vampire race called Mica Lucia. She had all characteristics of the vampire race, such as long white hair and pale skin. Equipping black armor, she looked charming and showed an unyielding expression from her eyes. Perhaps that was the reason why she and her people could put through all sufferings and hold up till now. At last, with the aid of Delasus, the vampire race agreed to help Phio Alliance battle against Chaotic Orcs, but Phio Alliance must admit the existence of the vampire race and promised not to launch attacks on vampires.
In 664 (StilLand Calendar), the vampire race, a new force from Netherwind Fort swore to conquer Chaotic Orcs with Phio Alliance. They would fight for light and freedom with the power of the dead.
interesting story, too bad that the class is so overpowered to only make profit for the compagny, on short term, that is, lol
hey i used to have a character sanluv but nw i cant login can anyone tell me why