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Class Skill: Vampire

Rip: Bites the opponent with sharp teeth, causing 20 damage. 10% chance to activate.

Active Skill

Cure: The vampire’s unique physique allows you to cure your wound more quickly in combat. Has a 5% chance to store your HP by 1% in combat.

Secondary Skill

1.        Restores a certain proportion of your max HP
2.        There is a chance to activate when the attack hits the target.

Dreadful Curse: A curse that frightens the opponent to reduce its hit rate by 20% for 10 sec. 10% chance to activate.

Secondary Skill

Activates when the attack hits the target, reduces the target’s hit rate.

Bat Strike (Required Level 5 Rip): Drives a group of bats to attack the opponent, causing 20 damage. 10% chance to activate.
Active Skill

Blood Fog (Required Level 5 Cure): After successfully dealing damage, turns the opponent’s blood into your shield to absorb damage, which is equal to 15% of the damage you dealt just now. 10% chance to activate.  Lasts 10 sec.

Passive Skill

1.        After the skill is activated, gives a shield to yourself, the shield value = 15% of the attack damage
2.        When you suffer damage, the shield value will be deducted first. If the shield value is deducted to 0, your HP will be reduced.

Pervious Curse (Required Level 5 Dreadful Curse): Weakens the opponent and increases damage it suffers by 20%.  10% chance to activate.  Lasts 10 sec.

Secondary Skill

Reinforced Injury: Increases the vampire’s direct damage by 9%

Passive Skill

Greed (Required Level 6 Bat Strike): Your thirst for blood increases your HP and shield restored by skills in combat by 10%.

Passive Skill

Affects all HP recovery skills and shield skills of the vampire, including Cure and Blood Fog.

Piercing Strike (Required Level 6 Bat Strike and Level 6 Blood Fog): Deals piercing damage to the opponent, causing it lose 10 HP every 3 sec. 10% chance to activate.

Active Skill

Chaotic Curse (Required Level 6 Blood Fog and Level 6 Pervious Curse): Generates chaos by confusing the opponent, reducing damage dealt by the opponent by 30% for 10 sec. 10% chance to activate.

Secondary Skill

Illusory Body (Required Level 6 Pervious Curse): The opponent is likely to be bitten by bats when launching attacks and lose 10 HP every sec. 10% chance to activate. The counterattack damage caused by bats is 60% of that caused by the Bat Strike skill.

Secondary Skill

1.        To be activated when being attacked
2.        The caused damage includes direct damage (60% of damage caused by Bat Strike) and extra DOT damage.

Curse Augment: Prolongs the curse time for the target by 5 sec and increases the activation chance of Pervious Curse by 5%.

Passive Skill

Effective to all curse skills, including Dreadful Curse, Pervious Curse, Chaotic Curse, Resentful Curse and Weakening Curse.

Vampire Embrace I/II/II (Required Level 7 Greed): You have a 30% chance to absorb 30% of the deducted HP when you are under critical hit, armor ignore strike or combo strike.

Passive Skill

Arrogant Strike (Required Level 7 Piercing Strike): Your arrogance has a chance to bring you a conceited state after successfully dealing damage to your opponent, increasing all stats by 15% for 12 sec. 10% chance to activate.

Secondary Skill

Resentful Curse (Required Level 7 Chaotic Curse): Makes your opponent filled with resentment and turn to another target (If you are the only one in combat, makes the opponent receive 30% of the damage it deals with every hit). 5% chance to activate. Lasts 15 sec.

Secondary Skill

Besides the vampire, if there are other players on the same side, the opponent won’t aim at the vampire after the skill is activated.

If only the vampire is there, the opponent will receive 30% of the damage it causes, but the vampire will suffer 100% damage after the skill is activated.

Premonition I/II/III (Required Level 7 Illusory Body): You have a 30% chance to dodge in advance when you are under critical hit, armor ignore strike or combo strike.

Passive Skill

Severe Injury: Increases the activation chance of all your strike skills by 5% and damage by 15%.

Passive Skill

All strike skills include Bat Strike, Piercing Strike, Arrogant Strike and Devastating Strike

Eternal Will: Has a 10% chance to make all your common attacks additionally reduce the opponent’s HP by 20 within 3 sec. Lasts 6 Sec.

Secondary Skill

Strangle: Strangles the opponent ruthlessly. Has a 10% chance to increase this attack’s damage by 30%.
Secondary Skill

Undead Army: Summons a group of bats and undead creatures to fight for you by using eternal power, dealing (Agility/2) damage to the opponent every time. 10% chance to activate. Lasts 40 sec.

Active Skill

Bleeding: Increases the effective time of all your HP reduction skills by 6 sec and enhances their effects by 25%.

Passive Skill

Blood Fog Shroud: Increases the absorption amount of your Blood Fog by 20% and the activation chance of Blood Fog and Illusory Body by 4%.

Passive Skill

Savage Nature: Loses control of your unconscious thirst for blood and transfers 6% defense into agility. It is the max transfer rate.

Passive Skill

Devastating Strike (Required Level 8 Arrogant Strike): Gives a destructive blow to the opponent, causing 220 damage. 10% chance to activate. 30% chance to additionally reduce the opponent’s HP by 30 within 3 sec.

Active Skill

Weakening Curse (Required Level 8 Resentful Curse): Curses the opponent falling into the lapse of time, reducing all stats of the opponent by 20% for 10 sec. 15% chance to activate.

Secondary Skill

To be activated when being hit

Count’s Ambition: Breaks the bondage of thinking and accumulates all bleeding and HP absorbing effects during the skill’s effective time. Restores 30% of HP you have absorbed when your HP reduces to 0. 10% chance to activate, but can only be activated once.

Passive Skill

1.        Records and accumulates all bleeding and HP absorbing effects
2.        When your HP reduces to 0, you won’t die, but your HP will be restored once.
sigh, this is the very definition of OP. interesting but OP lol
just in the 1-100 level after its a fail if not thinked
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wooohooo. on behalf of the dead dragon's call community, i would like to thank the gms and the devs for creating the vampire class. now, we have a reason to stop calling DC, assassin's call. in a few months time, it will be the new improved, Twilight's Call!!!
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Rationale of the Devs: to balance the game and fix sins, lets make a class that is even stronger......Looks like mages and wars are literally obsolete now.
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In summary,

Passive skills:

Blood Fog: warrior's block but it's a passive skill.
Reinforced Injury: warrior's dragon might.
Premonition I/II/III: assassin's evade I/II/III but it has better %proc rate.
Severe Injury: lol it's going to be OP.
Blood Fog Shroud: warrior's iron wall but better.
Savage Nature: lol another op skill. A vampire with 4000 def gets 240 extra agi? I guess vampire does not get def from agi stat.
Count's Ambition: warrior's iron will but this one is way better since it's a passive skill.

Secondary skills:

Dreadful Curse: -20% hit for 10s? lol warrior and mage won't be able to touch a vamp under the curse.
Chaotic Curse: better version of warrior's block.
Arrogant Strike: not sure if it's a secondary or not. If +15% stats include stats from equips, its going to be op.
Resentful Curse: lol op.
Eternal will: a joke
Weakening Curse: -20% stat -> (-%hp, -%pdef, -%mdef, -%patk, -%matk, - atk speed, -%hit, -%dodge by a LOT) LOL..

So many op skills.. I'm disappointed.
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sigh, the only fair thing is that nothing in that will work NOR stack, else this will make vampires demolish assassin, yes, but it will also make it so that 3 class are weak instead of 2, nice logic, we will make a class to destroy sin, but will result the end of all 3 , with already sins overpowered the way it is, it will make so warrior can only fight 1 person on 4(another warrior), if it has logic in this, I don't see any

I'm pretty sure after they will be out they will be like oh they are too overpowered, let's add palsy on the top of that crap!
everyone going to switch to vampire....
This is Lightz
This sounds like a Vampire has bitten an already overpowered Assassin, and that new Assassin has transformed into an even more overpowered Vampire Assassin, lol.

Make the new Class OP'd so that Players invest heavily in it, nice business.
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Oh yeah. I'll make me 2 vampire alts and check out both paths. ^^
hmm so evade, iron will, scorch. where do i sign up?
DUDE, What are the promoted classes for vampire?!
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12# iyreguy1

dude, it's posted on the other thread: ... &extra=page%3D1

Promoted Class:
Count of Night, Undead Warlock
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Hell yeah! I love the skills, I love the class. RIP SINS.

@Devs: Don't forget to BUFF the Vamps after the release, just to make sure they totally dominate the sins.

Warriors are useless anyway, so just drop them. Let us have Mages (who beat nothing), Sins (who beat mages) and Vamps (who rape everything) - Does this sound familiar? Replace Mages with Wars, Sins with Mages and Vamps with Sins and you'll have the current version of DC.
-me hates sins-
sounds good
but you have to slay mobs for a year that you can reach 130, to abuse them
Pretty OP , but i will try them .
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When one of my friends read that, he lol'd and said : soulless creatures with soul power ? ROFL
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lets add Garlic to war, mage, and sin skills, has 100% chance to kill vampire in 1 hit

oh, i have a word about the vamp skills.. hahahaha
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