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Patch Notes 1109

Patch Notes 1109

I.        New Systems

1.        Equipment Rankings
2.        New Bulletin
3.        Vampire Version

II.        System Improvements

1.        Optimized loading performance.
2.        The sacrilege-quality equipment obtained from taverns will have at least one socket.
3.        The square bulletin has been modified to show info on both sides.
4.        The cost of creating a pair squad and a trio squad in the Sky City Arena has been reduced to 400,000 gold and 1 million respectively.
5.        Reduced the difficulty of the boss in Claymose Altar (The first instance).
6.        Added Level 29-31 branch quests and increased the item drop rate of Level 27-33 quests.
7.        Added daily-login gift packages for newbies.
8.        Optimized the wage system. When 1 players in the arena for the moment, the requirements “Participated in 10 arena battles” and “Participated in 20 arena battles” will be met by default. When 2-3 players in the arena, the requirement “Participated in 20 arena battles” will be met by default.
9.        Optimized the mentor & apprentice system. Every player can have 10 apprentices at most (5 basic ones and 5 expanded ones). Correspondingly, the required number of apprentices for social achievements has been changed.
10.         Added prompts for system mails (Players must reach a required level to try this new function).
11.        New Gift interface has been online.
12.        When characters don’t have enough HP in HP pack to fill up their HP, they will receive a prompt in combat, saying “You don't have enough HP in your HP Pack, replenish it?”, confirm it to enter the HP Pack page.
13.        Only Level 40+ characters are qualified to use the Character Cultivation function. If players below level 40 click the function, they will see a message “The character cultivation function is open to Level 40+ characters”.
14.        To prevent player from losing advanced runes, equipment with damage runes or life runes cannot be decomposed until their runes are removed.
15.        Relevant info on the next guild war will be shown in the chat room when players go online.
16.        Characters will be prompted when they receive mails containing valuable items, like life runes or damage runes.
17.        Optimized descriptions on the wage system.
18.        Players can obtain contribution points by donating Dragon Gold to their guilds.
19.        The “Mail” icon will twinkle when there are new mails.
20.        Reduced the cost of injecting soul.
1.        Increased the HP of white rabbits, deer and wild dogs.

Server 1/2
ok how about the fix for the warriors i dont see anything about that.
any news on fixing warrior skills ?
Knew it was only a matter of time for a warrior to start a cry fest. What is more important, your stupid broken skills and the fact that an entire class is completely worthless or the HP of lvl 1 whit ...
ErtemisAntreri Post at 31-10-2011 23:52
I agree with Ert.....
Lvl 140 Shadow Master
Lvl 132 Berzerk Warlord
Heat End S4
I have one thing to say.

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Betrayal is the defining fate of humanity.
Ok i talked with angela about the haste/dodge fix and warriors skill fix and  this is what angela told me about the fix for haste/dodge and the warriors skills " If it is not enshrined on the thread, then it will not happen".
wtf... "11. Optimized the wage system. When 1 players in the arena for the moment, the requirements “Participated in 10 arena battles” and “Participated in 20 arena battles” will be met by default. When 2-3 players in the arena, the requirement “Participated in 20 arena battles” will be met by default."

Hi,Capz.hanks for your suggestion. But I’m sorry to tell you that your idea will not be adopted, it’s difficult to made this adjustment in this stage of our game.

talk about B.S.
This is Lightz
WTF you guys Increased the HP of white rabbits, deer and wild dogs but you dont fix warrior? how stupid you are
like i always said, developer are no-brain human team thats it
wtf... another one... "23.Reduced the cost of injecting soul."

stole another of my idea!!

they don't give shit about the players suggestion at all.
This is Lightz
Take hp from the warriors and give it to the rabbits, deer and wild dogs.
Wasn't expecting much, but you even lowered the bar even deeper than I could imagine... HP boost for lowest mobs? What is that supposed to help/fix!? Just can't take this anymore, you like to add little things YOU find worth of work, but won't fix the BIG problems with skills which have been pointed out DOZENS or HUNDREDS of times...
Plain fail!
Server 6 Pandar Prairie
I don't really know how effective this patch would be, even adding new class without fixing old bugs would still result to a more buggier system, certainly not an improved one, unless it's stated that the bug was improved to cause more pain for players. Please listen to your people and prioritize what needs to be addressed first!
So when GM Ann said that skills would be fixed in the next update (less than a week ago), it was all a lie? If this is true, DC has received my last dollar. Hope others follow my lead.... I bet the sins that wanted toxic attack fixed would agree that skill tree bugs should have been a major priority. Guess gameplay means nothing. Oh well, I guess stronger bunnies and wolves are much more important or was it just something easy to do so it looked like you actually had spent more than 10 minutes on anything other than a vampire class. Skills codes must have been created by someone who no longer works with the company and they have no one currently on staff that understands what all those 1s and 0s mean lol.
yeah... where is the skills fix for warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This patch is stupid.. instead of fixing the important problems,they prefer to add up another problems again.. management should spend times to the players for their enjoyment in game not for the management that the main intention is to earn a money only..

here is some problems from other players "dodge syystem = trouble those players who has +9 set and good built, as long as one players has higher level with poor ups he/she kill +9 set with good built"

instead of arranging that,they prefer to Increased the HP of white rabbits, deer and wild dogs?

Are you guys listening from the problems of your costumers or only Stupidity exist?
You said that Dodge system and bugged skills would be fixed, but in fact you have made no change to these problems, which ppl is waiting for patiently in the last 2 months.
You made changes to what were not necessary to change ( increase hp of lv 1-5 mobs ? lol ) and did not change what we were expecting for.
The code is a problem ? or the Customer service has not reported all the complaint to you, dev team ?
Answer us !
DC, to be or not to be ?
I am a poor weak war that could barely beat bunnies before this.....
Now I won't even stand a chance, they were the only mobs I could beat....
Sigh....I guess no daily wages for me
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with all the discontentment of skills not fix,

It is extremely idiotic of even bothering to mention fixing the HP of lvl 1,3,5 monsters, what are the developer trying to do?
Telling us that increasing the HP of lvl 1,3,5 mobs is more important?
Trying to piss off or players or what? Nvr seen such a brainless annoucement before!

It is as if your wife tells you she is upset with you for not spending time with her, and you happily tells her that You bought a new state of the art console game! You are asking for trouble!

I support sirfinn. Dun buy dg! Thats the only thing that we gamers can do! Or for non DG players, simply dun play. FULL STOP!