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Alts Rule

In order to provide a better gaming environment for our players, and enhance communication in the DC community, the DC team has decided to bring a new standard to the alternatives characters rule. On the other hand, we encourage players to try different classes, characters to enrich their gaming experience, playability and familiarity. Now we are making a new rule to alternatives as follows:

1.        No more than 5 alternatives to the same IP address.

2.        1). Anyone who already has 5 alternatives, please report the information of your alternatives and the ones you want to keep within 7 days. (Please don't submit it repeatedly.)

After read these rules. Click here to get in the Submission Thread.

[Submission Thread] Alternatives Information

The requested information is as follow:

The in-game names of your alternatives: sdafdfd, kljlsjfod, oerepir, erewrqwfl…
Server you’re on: S8
The Alternatives you want to keep: kljlsjfod, oerepir
The in-game name of ones you want to transfer the DG, DS and gold off of:
Sdafdfd  50 DG, 150DS, 1900000 gold
Erewrqwfl  30DG, 55 DS, 100000 gold
The in-game name of your main account: modedsll

Our staff will help to transfer the remnant of the Dragon Gold, Dragon Stone and game gold to your main account after the verifying and block the alts in a week.

Note:The Dragon Stone bonus provided by the system is excluded in this operation.

2). If the Game Helpers have found the alternative players who haven't submitted the information, once the situation is confirmed, we will send you the E-mail to your registered email. If we haven't got any reply in three days, we will block the account directly.(Players from co-publisher of Kongregate,Friendster,Hi5 and Mochi, once their alternatives are found by GH, GM will send them mails in game. If we haven't got any reply in three days, they would be treated as the DP ones.)

3. If GH/CM want to make a test of game with creating the alternatives, please submit the information of them to Admin Angela as the reference. After the testing is over, you should delete the alternatives instead of keeping them.

4. Once GH or CM have reported the alternatives' information, GM will deal with the issue in three days and tell them the result without the information of them excluding whether it has alternatives or not, how many of them have been blocked.

5. The processing mode from GM: Alternatives will be blocked when they are more than FIVE. If there are exceptional cases, please submit the information to the Customer Service staff and they will be reserved after the verifying and permission of the Official.

The main account will have only ONE opportunity before getting the warning. If the players are caught again with the alternatives occasion, we will block the main account permanently as the punishment.

6. The Dragon's Call Official reserves the right of the final interpretation of this announcement.

7. The announcement will be performed on Nov 1st, 2011.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this rule, and thank you for your understanding in this matter!

The DC Team

oooh K, time for me to make some alt char up to 4 chars so I can transfer some gold,gems and DS. Thank You for allow us to have alts.
This is Lightz
just to clarify: with this post - are you accepting total of 5 characters per person or 5 connections from same ip? if you're trying to limit connections from same ip's, i assume you do know and realize rather many people play from behind of a proxy, meaning they can't help having same ip.
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It will be 5 alternates per IP i'm assuming. I had signed into an old friends account to merely adjust his build, and, when they presented my Alternate Character list to me, his account was on there. I had to explain to them that it wasn't my account, and they need to check the registered IP against the last-login IP.

So i'm assuming that you are only allowed 5 alternate accounts on your IP altogether - whether they are a mix of shared accounts; displaying your IP as one of the last logins for that shared Character, or your actual own alternate(s); displaying your IP as the IP used to first register that account.

There will still be problems, though, like you have stated.
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Awesome, time to mentor my FOUR alts -> Delete -> Resume process.
5 per server ?
Yes, per server.
is there a due date for this.. what if i want to make a new one when the new Character is release.. do i have to do the procedure again.
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What in case of taking care of someones character together with guildmate because that someone has had a serious car accident and is in hospital and unable to play? His family asked us to take care of his char in meantime. Do not consider it as my alt but I do login on this character with my IP and so does my guildmate. We expect him to come back to game in time, but due to the severity of injuries he has it may be quite a while. Would this have to be included?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


If needed I will give up one of my other legal alts, they are all from before April 2011, but the char would still be logged into from two IP until the original player can play again. Will make list of my chars after I have heard your answer, since it will have impact on which alts to keep.
Time to make 4 sin alts i guess..
Lol, than there might be some chars left in few months
Yeah, what abt for those who are unable to play all the time so they had to ask somebody to do the quests and instances for them? I mean, it's their MAIN CHARACTER, not the other person's ALT, right? This is going to be bloody..
Whack 'em up!
"1.        No more than 5 alternatives to the same IP address.

2.        1). Anyone who already has 5 alternatives, please report the information of your alternatives and the ones you want to keep within 7 days. (Please don't submit it repeatedly.)"

What if we only have one alt?  Do we need to report it?  According t the instructions...not until we have 5.
Isn't there better use of the staff's time to improve the game and fix bugs than to do this amount of work?
To those asking about helping out other players, I believe that sharing of accounts is against terms of service, so best to either call it one of your alts or let the person take care of their own account. If you are good friends, then you can do without one of your alts to help them. If not, then stop running their character. Based on the post above, you should be able to have a total of 6 characters. 1 main character and 5 alternative ones. Final answer to the questions above is you do not need to contact staff unless you already have more than 5 alts on a server. You only need to let them know the names of your alts and which ones you would like to keep if you have more than 5 on a server. Hope this helps those who had questions. If I am wrong about these answers, could staff please put a correction in this post to any answer that is incorrect so that all understand the rules
SirFinn, OathBreaker S8

Also soon to have 4 more names in the near future I like this rule. Nice job staff!
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15# SirFinn

Sharing of accounts is fully within the Rules, it is just at your own risk.

2. Dragon's Call doesn't support any account-sharing or account exchange. You do it at your own risk, we will not accept any responsibility.

So, to anyone who currently shares accounts, i suggest you be safe. Say, for instance, if you share 2 other Players Accounts, i would say that you are to be safe and only create or have 3 alternate accounts of your own. The 2 shared and 3 of your own will account for the 5 alternates that you are allowed. If you do not share accounts with any other Players, then you are allowed 5 alternate accounts.

I say this, because, like i stated above, when they presented the list of my supposed alternate accounts to me, one of them was an account that was not mine, only shared. They, technically, took it as my Account.
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Isn't there better use of the staff's time to improve the game and fix bugs than to do this amount of work?
Dakkon Post at 1-11-2011 17:17
That hit the spot.
Yes, a newbie here.

I read through the thread and could not find an answer to my problem.
I have an alt in the same server, but can not access it. I can not log out of my main char to be able to log my alt. When i say exit - relogin i just get logged into my main char.

I am using gameDP . Is this because this site will only register one account per email address? Or do i have to create an alt through another email address?  Meh...

Thank you in advance,
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i would like to ask.. if i will be posting my alts here and get the go for it..
and i will be making one new char of vamp.. would i be making the procedure again to make
it one of my alts.