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Reposting this for a response from Official Staff

This was originally posted in the private Moderator form on 5-11-2011, and then was deleted and never responded to.  I was told I would receive a response but didn't, so now that the Head Moderator Ladihawke was kind enough to find it for me, here it goes:


Since I've been told to stay away from DC even though I'm probably the most capable person there, is there any way I can just completely block out the DC sections of the forum so I don't have to look at them?

I mean seriously. If I'm going to be getting flack for picking up on their slack, then I should just be completely unable to access the DC forum.

Look at my post counts compared to every other active GH/CM.
Look at what I've done in the past.
Look at what I still continue to TRY to do.

Instead of taking your best asset and putting them on the near dead WarFlow, why not put your newest Community Manager, Destiny, on it in order to gain what skills she needs?

When I came back, it was in agreement that I would be the Community Manager of Dragon's Call. It just so happened Adam said I could ALSO be the CMgr of WarFlow. In essence, I would be a total Community Manager, and we'd appoint a new head of DC's staff and WF's staff to handle what I did, basically. Dest would be the 1st in command of DC and whoever did WF would do WF.

Instead, I was forcefully removed from the Dragon's Call Volunteer Staff and put on WarFlow.  A game that has been nearly dead, full of complaints about how dead it is, and then even more ferocity coming from players now that a new server has already been released - do note how many times I stated WF's basically dead and every player on, what we now call, Server 1 will admit it.  

I do understand the new server to be part of some sort of an agreement made in order for WF to even be obtained, but there is/was/will not be a need for a second server for a long time.  There has been very little marketing done (while I see Dragon's Call is back on the main banner in Kongregate and do understand you can't advertise for WarFlow there because someone else already hosts the game there,) very little people even knew about it because GameDP kept it a secret basically up until launch, and not many people are interested because WarFlow's been offered for a while elsewhere from multiple locations/companies and is a clone of Batheo that just has an Asian theme instead of an Ancient Greek theme.

If you want to hold the fact that I resigned against me, that's fine with me.  Considering how much the official staff fell off, what do you expect when even the GMs speak of wanting to quit because of how miserable and lax things are.  It got to the point where my personal life became too much of an interference and also my personal interests were sabotaging my ability to perform. I was getting mad at volunteer staff for joining and quitting immediately or openly admitting they only do the job for the Dragon Stones or even just plain out not doing anything and pretending like they were. It got to the point that I too was taking out my personal vendettas on the users of GameDP services. I didn't care that I was held to a higher limit because quite frankly, the official staff never looked at it anyway.  About 2-4 weeks of that went by, and I knew to do the right thing - step down from my position and pull myself together and perhaps return when GameDP also got their stuff together.

What do you know? We both did. Only we didn't both get back to the right path. Instead I was on the high road and bumped to the low road at the drop of a hat. Why? Not sure. Perhaps it's because in the 6+ months I was CM, I never talked to Adam Wu much and instead was better associated with Amber. When I came back, Amber had gotten married and was gone.  I came back because Destiny and others noticed I was still interested in DC and doing things randomly to help out, but it was Destiny that really got me back in.  Now, after all that's been said and done, I honestly feel betrayed. By Destiny and who ever made the decision to bump me to WF.  I don't see why after all the hard work I put in for Dragon's Call and how I helped shaped it (rules, volunteer staff, and basically the way things ran day-to-day) why I'd get bumped to a nearly desolate zone. I also don't see why Destiny just let it happen. She knew why I came back and sat by idly (and probably cheering to herself) when the word came she was going to be CM of DC.  

Personally, out of the people who helped me the most, I'd have to say it was absolutely Destiny Katiana, then Anita, then Kadaj&Psycho&Greg. Do I think that any of these individuals held things together when I was gone? No.  Almost nothing got done. No one took control or charge of anything, ever. It was clear the Dragon's Call needed it's rightful Community Manager back, and eventually, it got what it needed.   Then this whole spin-off happened.

I am asking for this:  I don't want to be the "official Community Manager" of Dragon's Call, but I am respectfully requesting the power to still help there as if I were still a higher figure in the Volunteer Staff structure.  I have always performed the position without bias, have only ever sided with those who were truly right in heated situations, and always excelled in ensuring that people were happy and satisfied (save the trolls) when they needed stuff handled that wasn't the "official staff's business".  Not only do I think I deserve the right to still be able to do stuff for Dragon's Call, but I think I deserve everyone's respect and shouldn't have to put up with a micron of the bull I've had to considering I've proven I was here to help the game and returned to do my job again.

The numbers prove it. Look at the Post Ranks count.  I have (prior to this post) 1429 posts. The nearest, active poster at the time of this writing?  Psycho Killer with 713. DestinyKatiana only has 520.   Do note I'm also the highest, non-Official Staff member in post count.  Anita's a close second and would've maybe surpassed me if she hadn't quit after I did (until my return of course).

I'm the clearly the most active in handling situations within the community. I quit for 2 months, and still have twice as many posts as anyone else who's active.

Why hinder me to just WarFlow?  It's not "popping" and won't be for a long time. I understand if it was busy, busy, then maybe I could just focus on it. I just don't think Dragon's Call is better off without me.
A+ post. I'd rather someone like you working on DC.
I believe there are other things that need to be taken care of first long before we reach the level of community managers. How can we ever expect all of the community managers to have everything together when the game staff itself is leaving everything in limbo.

With as disorganized as the staff on DC is, I think we (the volunteer staff) can use all the help we can get. For evidence of said disorganization, may I point to the forums?
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Personally, out of the people who helped me the most, I'd have to say it was absolutely Destiny Katiana, then Anita, then Kadaj&Psycho&Greg. Do I think that any of these individuals held things together when I was gone? No.  Almost nothing got done.
Rokkumon Post at 12-6-2011 23:23
You know why i didn't step up to the challenge, Rokk, because i straight-up knew, aswell as you did when you took the job on, that they don't give a s**t. I watched every CM previous to you get forced out of the Job, and i can't recall one that left on good terms. I argued with them for months like you did, - our MSN conversations proved that. That's why i hardly involve myself in anything now apart from actually doing what a Chat Moderator does - moderate the Chat. That way i don't get so heated anymore trying to make things better when, inevitably, we'll always fail.

You know i've nothing against, you, we ranted on for hours on end in chat regarding things, but, you know as well as i do that things wont change - even if you do come back and give even more than you originally did. They don't care, we've proven that over 18 months.

I too talked to Amber personally a hell of a lot more than Adam, also - and even Amma when she was around. When i heard that Amber left i pretty much stopped caring as much as they already do.

I give up on them a long while ago.

You do deserve answers from them, but, this is Dragons Call after all. Look at Crashy before you. They ignored him for almost a month before eventually removing his tags. That's how they play, childish, stubborn and without a care in the world.
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Ok, I remember this post by Rokkumon previously and was pretty much thinking to myself, "Who's the idiot that got rid of someone who's not only willing, but extremely capable to help?"

Ok, he "quit once" - if we got fired or removed from staff for that - then count me in on that list, as I think those thoughts about once a week as do most of the volunteer staff.

Organization - forums - geez - there are so many problems and a lack of direction from the top down that it is a wonder to me how this game even operates at this point. I'm used to a GM/Developer staff that fixes things in a timely fashion. Problems are handled, addressed, and then notification is given. When system are planned to go down or special events are going on, more than a few hours notice is given.

I have been involved with other support systems for a different gaming company, and I'd love to have their support staff and tools here, as it was managed professionally, and this is done in such a miss-mosh way that it's not even funny.

IN other words, not only should you ask for Rokkumon's help, but use it. He's willing to, capable, and an expert on the things that go on in DC.
Here's the only "response" I've received so far.

Adam Wu said (6/12/2011 at 9:47 PM):
oh btw, Rokku
Adam Wu said (6/12/2011 at 9:48 PM):
I suggest you to take a break for a while , since I think you kind of getting tired of our project.  Come back when u think u like to fight with us again
I mean, fight togetherM
Adam Wu said (6/12/2011 at 9:49 PM):
I've been k
nown u for a pretty long time, and u've been helped a lot in Dragon's Call
but just seems u don't have good mood to work recently, as I noticed
Joshua said (6/12/2011 at 10:59 PM):
you obviously dont know me, as i'd expect.. since you and others have completely ignored the fact that I was CM and did so many things and NEVER acknowledged me, you have no clue what you're talking about when it comes to what I have done
Adam Wu said (6/12/2011 at 11:01 PM):


From my original post, does it seem to YOU like I'm "not in the mood" to be here anymore?  Or does it seem like I've admitted to my mistakes and faults, owned up to them, fixed them, and came back trying to do what's right - only to be stiffed by the stiffs?
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Should I consider this their response?  And do note:  They did not contact me personally with any of this information.  This instead was released publicly to places with millions of gaming followers. (Thanks for the face time ) ... r-on-strike,1.shtml ... ispute-goes-public/
I guess there's your response
Server 1/2
It seems to me that their response was to hire two completely unqualified people to try and do the job that you were doing. I give both of them maybe another couple of weeks until they realize that the WF area is completely different from DC and that they have no support from any of the staff in regards to it.

Both the DC sides of things and the WF sides need to be organized much better in order to get things done.
Well I for one had told Rok, before he decided to rage on me and call me things that i wont repeat on here,that it wasnt me that did this to him,but that Adam be honest I never wanted the Comm.Man. position...Adam said he wanted Rok to be only on WF and not DC.I even asked Rok for help to do my part for DC...and well the answer wasnt pleasant.Regardless of how Rok feels toward me or whatever,I dont hold a grudge against him for what he says or thinks.And I have always welcomed his advise as before.And regardless of what he believes,When he was Comm.Man. of DC I tried to help him...not go against him.So whether this is taken to heart by Rok or not,I will have no way of knowing,but noone can fill his shoes as Community Manager,and I will be the first to say I know I can't...I will continue to do my job until adam tells me different...but in truth Dragon's Call isnt the same without Rok.
What job?Soon you will be alone here lol.I  have take allready over 20 players with me into another game and after release other will come.Thats hapend wen admins make a bad job.And next time wen you play a game let GMs select helpers.How you have read in ROkk post many use they pozizion just for Ds.Have fun
Thats hapend wen admins make a bad job.And next time wen you play a game let GMs select helpers.How you have read in ROkk post many use they pozizion just for Ds.Have fun
Hexendoktor Post at 16-6-2011 03:55
Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.
I think you are a noob,and you gone play this game alone with your ghs.Why this game is going down.Ahhh and ask for a higher positioin for more ds lol.You and you team make nothing just making people ungry.Just be sure im gone take many players from here.
I think you are a noob,and you gone play this game alone with your ghs.Why this game is going down.Ahhh and ask for a higher positioin for more ds lol.You and you team make nothing just making people ungry.Just be sure im gone take many players from here.
Hexendoktor Post at 16-6-2011 08:40
Your way of thinking and how you pull out conclusions say all about you. I ignored you many times in the forum and I regret now because I stopped doing it. A conversation with you its just wasted time and a lost cause. Everytime when someone is telling you that you're wrong you start to defend yourself by insulting the other person, also if you feel ignored you start making non sense threads or multiposting looking for the spotlight.  Your behaviour makes you look childish.
And by the way.. I don't need Dragons Stones. I don't have what to do with VIP, don't need to refine/purify anything cause my equips are all updated. I am doing this because I like it and to avoid boredom.

Looks like you managed to get the attention you wanted.
Te_rog 1 Hexen 0

Your turn Hex
17# Dissolution

You are really enjoying this aren't you?
Anything to cause Hex to further embarrass himself in front of everyone and let everyone know what kind of a clinical retard he is
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Disolution dont know who alt  are you or just a bug on forum but i dont pay atention on you.You disgust me.And i sugest to shut up or i report you in bug forum.Im not  embarrass in front of every one the one who make that are devyls.I have played some time this game and if i want to say somthing in this forum i will and no one can stop me.