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Condolence for my good friend barbarian


A very sad news for all of us...a very kind and superb player has left us and joined heaven...Barbarian from server1

Im not sure how many of you knew him..but he was ill and still was cheerful,happy,praising and a good source for inspiration for me atleast that u got to keep fighting till the end and theres no thing such as giving up...

I am not gonna say much but my deepest condolences..may his soul rest in peace and may god send more such kind souls to us...

May his family be in peace too...
Those we love remain with us
For love itself lives on,
and cherished memories never fade,
because a loved one's gone.
Those we love can never be
more than a thought apart,
for as long as there is memory,
they'll live on in the heart.
always be remembered as one of the people who would have given you his last gold just so you could sign up for tournament even if it ment he couldnt , words dont usualy fail me when posting on a thread when one of the GH/CM's or players leave but to lose a friend in life not just a game is quite hard to come to tearms with right now and his wife told us he fought to the end after being in intencive care for a while (typical of him) his motto *die hard fight easy* seems to fit him quite well right now and for those who didnt know him he lived up to his [IGN] standing almost 7foot tall and built like a tank he realy was a Barbarian with a heart of gold , i know right now hes standing at the bar in heaven drinking a cold one .. keep a spot for me bro ..
I am shocked...
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Barbarian...was a great player and a great GH.It is a shame the good players and dedicated players have to go so fast.This is the second of the good players and my friend that I have seen go to be with our creator.It is hard to sit her and type through the tears,but he would want us to continue on and to make sure we all keep this game he loved alive and going.To of the greatest warriors in Dragon's Call..may your soul rest in peace and drink a cold one for all of us GH and CM's.
This is so sad... I only knew him after the server merger, Barbarian is a great guy.  He was very cheerful throughout everything.  I wish that he is in a better place... As for his family I offer my condolences.  We lost a true Barbarian, and great person... =(
Saw him a few times, he was a nice guy.
Stinks I couldn't get to know him better. He's in a better place now.

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I wish I could offer words, but words from me would not be just, as I barely knew him.

However, I feel the music on this link is best and more respectful then anything I could say:
Good bye for now Barbarian

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Although I was not from s1 and didn't have many opportunities to talk to Barbarian, we did talk privately when he quit his GH position. We talked about being ill and how living with a chronic or long term illness can wear you down and sometimes, a silly little game like this can be a nice break from hard realities of life. I so appreciated his efforts to keep the game a friendly, respectful place to escape.

Rest well now, you made a difference to people who you didn't even know, just by being a part of a game.
We will miss you Barbarian, You were a good player and an even better person, My prayers go out to his family, and they will be in my prayers, We will see you there big guy
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Condoleance Barbarian RIP
Barbarian was a great player and even greater friend to many of us including myself... I owe him for all the help he has given me over the months we shared the joy of the game, the laughs we had. He like many dear friends will be missed and my condolences go to his family

Barb, mate, we shall share that drink either in this life or the next Count on it!
Rest Well Barbarian,  I did not know you well, but you helped me when I began the game.  you were one of the best.  and your spirit will live on in those you have touched.
I will remember Barb as a very strict and very fair person..also a good friend and a great human being...May his soul rest in peace..
waw I never talked Barbarian Im from server 2 I read all your comments and that really make me sad , I never talked with Barbarian but well rest in peace man.
Bye Bye Barbarian. Hope you are in a better place now.
Yes, I remember barbarian from the old times and he was a good player and an even better person...
The news is saddening, may your soul rest in peace.
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I knew Barbarian since before the merge. He was always helping, fair and kind. He was a great player and an even greater person. Personally, this' the second death of someone I've known this year. So all I can say is: Rest in Peace, Barb, and make sure you keep my seat warm for me when I get there.
May his soul rest in peace! And I pray for his family to have the strength to tide over these tough times.....
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