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i got 1 more alt left.. i just remembered it back.. lvl 41 rogue (S1)HypoCrit
Hello connie,
When will the NPC, Kevin, be here in Crystal Saga S1? I do not see him. Hopefully he will be there by the time the game shuts down.

hey Sophia, make me the guild master in Legacy coz im the only 1 active and progressing the guild.. at least i deserve to be a guild master for a while.. (sorry no other way to contact her.)
Sorry about the delay, it's available now.  Please follow the guide here to start your transfer.
R2 staff said, after you register the R2 account via this NPC Kevin.  You will be able to transfer your character to this R2 account after the server merge to s57.
Then you can login R2 site with this account and see your old character on s57.

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excuse me sir Adam, some of us already clicked Kevin and all it does is to let us register an account on r2, and I did click S57 but i see no character in it. How do we do the transfer? and what if our account is via facebook?
25# (S1)DarkBlaze
I'm sure the transfer starts at the closing of this server.
Exactly,  after your done the registration, you've finished the transfer.  The char. should be appear once r2 merge the server after we close down CS.

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I want to thank the players and admin of CS for making this a great game. I am sorry to see it closing on this end but i am happy knowing you will still be able to play on r2. And they are so much more active there then we ever were. I will not be following you to r2 as i am done with this game. I wish you all the best though and remember to have fun.

Good bye

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Problem Adam, have not been able to get Kevin to work for me for past 2 days, I enter info on his form and when I submit it, I get a large white screen with a Java Script error in upper left part of screen. I have latest version of Java, update was even last night. No idea what is wrong. Have tried over 40 times, Was told in game to ask you or Connie for my vcode, but there is only hours left. Can you please help me!

and many thanks for all the great opportunities you have all provided for a wonderful game experience!
ok,, more news, I DO have an existing account on Crystal Sage R2 from before, but had to use a different email address because R2 will not accept addy with underscore _ in it. Maybe that is why Kevin is not working for me?
OK, got it fixed, I think, Created an entire new email account on yahoo. and used THAT for Kevin and name of hawkwinde4444, and it worked, so hopefully my account is liked to R2 now. WHEW!

Thank you for everything CS gamedp..
where are you Hawk, did it work?
No, OL it has not worked yet ((
I did create a new email and account on R2, got confirmation in that account and I did go through Kevin process and link Hawk to that, but every time I got o 52, our designated S1 transfer server, all I get is Character Creation screen, my characters are not there (
Anything you can think of? Miss you guys!
you did a new account on r2, that was not neccessary, you only needed ne email if you already had an account for that email on r2. When you went to Kevin hen you only had to enter that new email and a name that was accepted.
hope they can find your account and you join us there soon ;)
34# Hawkwinde
Hi, Hawkwinde. But your new character is on server 57 instead of server 52. Please kindly go to check it again. Thanks.
@Connie As said on skype hawk checked that server and it is not there. Earlier today i advised him to make a forum post on r2 about this and see if they can help him.

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This is the first game that i ever played here on GameDP. Sad to see it being closed down. I wish you all my former fellow CS players the best. Take care and God bless you all.

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I posted in two places on the R2 Crystal Saga forum 2 days ago, 1/23,  and no replies at all yet.  Still LOST, can not find on 52, 55 or 57.  This is almost unbearable, so close to being able to play for years and yet outside my reach. (

I hope someone can help me! I miss you all!