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Kain_DK Post at 4-3-2012 13:34

Change the way forum mods act

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Alright this IS NOT advertising the game i play it's an example of how I think the forum mods should act like


The person you need to look at is what Pendragon is saying...

[quote]Moderation is not about control. To control the forum is to impose your will upon the participants. To moderate is to create an environment that facilitates healthy discussion as determined by the participants of that discussion.

It's not about what the moderators think is good - it's about what the participants think is good.[/quote]
[quote]I have a unique perspective on forum "structure" and the correctness of categorization in that... I don't feel as though it matters quite as much as people think it does.

We could expand our team of moderators to ensure that every single thread that's posted daily (thousands!) is in the right place, but what would that actually do? Well... we'd have more correct categorization, but who's to say if that means the community would be better/healthier or worse, and how do we know if it's the right choice?[/quote]
[quote]This forum has moderators. You just never see or hear from them.[/quote]

Point? Mods when there is a debate going on do not close it unless people are blantantly name calling. Don't talk about how you are going to close the thread. In general don't talk in your big bad "Mod font". If anyone wants to close it it should be up to the people related to the debate not to the staff who don't like having there friend get rightfully bashed. And if the debate is between a forum mod and another player... you know who I'm talking about. Don't close it because people are proving you are wrong. WHEN PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SHOW HOW SOMETHING IS CORRUPT LISTEN TO THEM OR YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE ADMINS/DEVS OF THE GAME. Closing this thread will prove my point. Giving me negative creds proves my point. Warning me proves my point. Banning me proves my point.

TL; DR Mods you need to hop off people [color=Yellow](censored as being offensive by Ladihawk)[/color] and quit being so trigger happy on closing threads which contain valid points.

EDIT: Think of this as a suggestion... I put it here though because I want the community to answer to this not the robotic customer service who are in no way relevant.

Ladihawk Post at 4-3-2012 22:10

[color=Yellow]Well thanks for your suggestion but last night i submitted new rules for the forum staff to the CoM Destiny who approved them and they are now posted in our inner forum.[/color]

Kain_DK Post at 4-3-2012 22:15

Youre posting forum rules in the inner forum instead of the forum the rest of the community sees? thats not gonna help much

Ladihawk Post at 4-3-2012 23:31

[color=Yellow]These rules are for the forum staff only and affects only how we will do things from here on. It has nothing to do with the players who post here.[/color]

Rokkumon Post at 5-3-2012 07:09

With how things have been handled in the past, it would be best to let the entire community (DC and RnR) know of the changes they can expect.

If you have alleviated some of the pressures of coming on here to point out someone's been doing wrong (only to get bashed off the game in DCourt), you should let people know that.  

I think we would all like to know how more lenient/tough some of the rules have become "to the inner forum users".

Yes, Ladihawk, I understand this has just been implemented and will take time to get accustomed to - but it's something that the staff and players should look forward to getting accustomed to together.

I appreciate your response on this matter.

Ladihawk Post at 5-3-2012 09:21

[color=Yellow]I spoke to Destiny last night about making this thread public and she said it was for the inner forum only. I will tell you that we will not be closing most of the threads unless given consent by a CM+. We will still continue to censor posts as needed and to either warn or ban for offensive posting.[/color]

Rokkumon Post at 5-3-2012 19:15

Thanks for that Ladihawk.  It's not often, but a few major posts in the past were closed early because of hostility. Hopefully only those who bring the hostility will be reprimanded in the future and those who keep the conversation as polite as possible can still discuss issues until they are resolved or people just drop it.

Ladihawk Post at 6-3-2012 10:25

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[color=Yellow]Actually that is a valid point Rok. In the future we will deal with the hostiles ones instead.[/color]

Rokkumon Post at 6-3-2012 19:48

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Actually that is a valid point Rok.
[size=2][color=#999999]Ladihawk Post at 6-3-2012 10:25[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

I wouldn't let people hear you say that if I were you. :)

Kain_DK Post at 6-3-2012 20:04

[b] [url=]9#[/url] [i]Rokkumon[/i] [/b]


Ladihawk Post at 6-3-2012 20:09

[color=Yellow]OK those of you reading this please close your eyes from the end of post #7 until the beginning of post #9.[/color]

Rokkumon Post at 6-3-2012 20:39

[quote]OK those of you reading this please close your eyes from the end of post #7 until the beginning of post #9.
[size=2][color=#999999]Ladihawk Post at 6-3-2012 20:09[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

LoL. This is turning out to be a way better joke thread. :P Sorry for going off topic, just had to point it out.

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