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Astute Post at 5-6-2011 09:06

Another boring cry thread about mages

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C'mon, Armor ignore 25%-30%? Looks like 90%!. Never had a fight where mage had more normal hits than AI hits. Sins suppose to kill mages, but then lvl 79 sin looses numberous times in a row to [color=Red]lvl 71[/color] mage thats not even close to balance. And then it comes to kill +2 lvls higher mage you will be lucky if you do that in 5 attempts. And no, im not that kind of sin who uses intelect on his items. Seriously, this game is made is china.

Te_rog Post at 5-6-2011 09:50

Wait untill you reach the higher levels.. Sins are weak until the final levels. At the end they own everything.

Invul Post at 5-6-2011 10:01

Sins are pretty weak until Lv90 but after that you can pretty much kill most mages.

Kamidake Post at 5-6-2011 10:20

:Q [color=Lime]I am getting crazy...[/color]

Shinryu Post at 8-6-2011 02:04

You haven't reach the point where you got to shine
Grind harder and you will be Imba :D

[BW]Apocalypse Post at 9-6-2011 01:10

Asta, ya little whiner.
Anyways, yeah I've beaten DaughterOfKorhal, and I was only level 70, he was 79.

So it isn't imbalanced between mages and sins, in fact, sins are stronger.
By the way, I'm extremely biased.

iyreguy1 Post at 30-7-2011 19:00

yeah, in the end, they own everything :victory: after all, my new char is a sin. and No, its not because i wanted to be stronger

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