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Hexendoktor Post at 28-5-2011 06:40

Questions about Ideas and CMs

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Wen i get a answer to this ideeas?
Why GMs said they are good if they go in trash?
Are they submited to devyls team or not?
Why we lose our time making this game better if no one listen to us?


Dissolution Post at 28-5-2011 06:56

Maybe its in the trash because your suggestions ARE trash. Teehee

Hexendoktor Post at 28-5-2011 09:29

You are stpid kid?Grow up.

platsic Post at 28-5-2011 11:29

Please don't use caps to attract attention. Nor resort to petty insults to further your argument. I may decide next time to ignore your inquiry.

Forum rules can be found here: [url][/url]

In response to your issue, I do understand your frustration when suggestions get the non-responsive treatment. I'm aware that many players here would like to see some form of progress update on their ideas and also details on why some of their ideas are 'not adopted'. That's something we're pushing for.

The volunteer staff have recently held discussions with the GM team on how to approach future suggestions. Hopefully, we should see some change on that soon.

Hexendoktor Post at 28-5-2011 11:52

Tell to disolution he have start first and thx for answer

Eradicat Post at 28-5-2011 13:27

Yeah hex, most ideas and suggestions gets throw in a pile, because if its game altering changes, they have to get approval from everyone else who host this game.  Since this game isn't hosted as a private server, they cannot make changes to this server only, its like buying a house in a community, you are restricted on what you can do to your house to not raise its value compare to all the other house in the area, to keep the prices equally competitive.  Bugs, error fixes are OK, changes to say Guild War, Arena, Tourney, aren't so simple.

PS: Why do you keep self-proclaiming you are a volunteer staff platsic, when you are getting paid?

Hatchetman Post at 28-5-2011 13:36

All GH's and CM's are volunteer staff, We just get paid a few D.S. a month for our help
Only Admin and GM's(Customer Service) Actually get paid for their work all the time, they are employed by the company
We are players just like you, we just have [GH] or[CM] in front of our names, and we are a different color

platsic Post at 28-5-2011 13:55

[b] [url=]6#[/url] [i]Eradicat[/i] [/b]

vol·un·teer - noun, a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking

If you would prefer that I not moderate this forum or help ingame, please state your reasons and I'll take them into consideration.

Ladihawk Post at 28-5-2011 14:12

[color=Yellow]I do not consider a small amount of DS each month to that of being paid. Being paid means you actually get money for your time.[/color]

Hexendoktor Post at 28-5-2011 14:49

Another question why we have here CMs.Many are not active in chat most active in chat are GHs.

Here in S2 we have many CMs what are they doing every day?im just curios

Eradicat Post at 28-5-2011 14:54

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They are "volunteering" while getting paid rofl.  I don't care if you guys make 1 ds a year, getting paid is getting paid, yes I do have a problem with GH/CM self proclaiming they are volunteer staff, you guys aren't the same as us player when you get DS monthly.

PS: 1. (n.) volunteer
a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

2.  volunteer
a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
Next time you want to post a textbook definition, be sure to post all of them, unless you think there's only one definition for a word.  You guys didn't volunteer to help the game, you signed up to help the game and get paid DS monthly.

Hexendoktor Post at 28-5-2011 15:09

I dont give names but i know  many CMs who stay all day only in Guild chat and rare in WC.I know only 2 active CMs the rest dont know what they do every day and for what are they payd.
They need to help GMs little in forum maybe.

Hatchetman Post at 28-5-2011 15:26

I am resquesting that this thread be forwarded to Destiny for some clarification, and after that point be closed

platsic Post at 28-5-2011 15:40

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Personally, I don't feel like going through a dictionary to give you every single definition of the term 'volunteer'. I'm going to assume that your standard of English is beyond that of a 8th grader, and that you are a native speaker. With this, you should also realise that each definition may not apply in every context. I supplied a definition of the word 'volunteer', which I felt aptly describes our position here.

From my personal experience, I applied for a GH position on S4 after seeing Rokkumon's semi-desperate plea for more help over World Chat. This was a mere week after the launch of S3 and he was struggling to fill positions on a new server, being used as 'relief' from Kong users only out to grab their Kong badges. So I thought what the heck, why not. S2 was getting a bit tedious and this could be a new challenge for me. Three questions and a toilet break later over MSN, I got the job. Then two troll filled weeks later, someone kindly informed me that we'd be 'compensated' for our time. Whew.

It's been pretty hectic recently with all the staff changes, both volunteer and official. I found it difficult navigating through this forum, so I decided to ask for a Forum Moderator position to fix things up. I asked Rokkumon at the start of April, but turned out I asked a bit too late. The roster was full and Kamidake had just been hired the day before. A month passed. Pallstaff decided to focus a bit more on rl and ShaD0W resigned due to that fiasco with Eastern European countries. I asked DestinyKatiana at the start of this month and she obliged. And so here I am.

Do I care for the DS? Not really.
Do I appreciate it? Sure.
If they took it away, would I still do it? Probably.

I still don't understand why you have a problem with 'GH/CM self proclaiming they are volunteer staff'. Would you care to elaborate further?

@Hex, you'll need to either address specific CMs or ask them personally. Else I'll doubt you'll get a proper response.

xX_psycho_kille Post at 28-5-2011 15:43

**** Author has been banned or deleted ****

DestinyKatiana Post at 28-5-2011 15:45

ok people...this thread was for the suggestions that Hex made to the Devs.not to bash the VOLUNTEER the CM's are here to do a job that the GH are not allowed to do anymore.and also,regardless of whether we get DS or not,we are still volunteers,cause we volunteer our time to do this.enough said on this subject.I will get with admin about this suggestion you have made and see what they have found out.So...that said this thread is to be closed.

Kamidake Post at 1-6-2011 13:20

[color=Lime]humm... as you command...[/color]

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